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 Spamming on Epsilon

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Spamming on Epsilon Empty
PostSubject: Spamming on Epsilon   Spamming on Epsilon I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 25, 2010 4:12 pm


So someone is using my user name and sending messages to other people in the game. If you get a message from me that is asking you to buy something, sell something or to make money.... DO NOT OPEN IT.. I posted this info on the Ikariam Boards and got in trouble for it. I was supposed to use the "ingame reporting system". Hopefully I will not get banned for this.

Uki, You had mentioned you were having similar issues. Please post any concerns on the "ingame reporting system" or "ticket system" for gaming issues. I was informed that this same problem is happening in several server worlds of the game and that it is being resolved. For the moment, the GOs are recommending that anything which does not seem right, do not open it.

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Spamming on Epsilon
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