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 ShoHa Rank Structure

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PostSubject: ShoHa Rank Structure   ShoHa Rank Structure I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 22, 2009 9:23 am

I want to point out that ANY member can contact ANY other member at ANY time. This rank structure is just for fun. NO ONE here can force you to do anything with your country that you do not wish to. As the alliance continues to grow the rank structure will make things more organized, easier to defend, easier to respond to threats, easier to provide support and resources to newer members.

Senior ranking members are the President/Leader, the Chancellor, the Diplomat, the General and the Secretary. These positions were appointed by the Leader from the start of the alliance and can only be changed/selected by the Leader/President.

The President keeps everything in the alliance running smoothly. Makes treaties with other alliances, assists in managing all diplomatic issues and may declare war. The President performs all of the duties of the other Senior Members when they are unavailable.

The Chancellor has the ability to make treaties, manage all diplomatic issues and declare war. He/she is the immediate successor to the head of the alliance should the President leave the alliance (permanently or for a brief time), be unavailable for important alliance decisions and/or quit the game of Ikariam. The Chancellor is expected to perform all of the duties of the other Senior Members when they are unavailable. The Chancellor is also responsible for managing all of the alliance “jobs”; ensuring we have adequate member placement in each category to best serve the alliance. The Chancellor serves as a “member-at-large” for all alliance members. He/she will act as their voice and ensure that the alliance members needs are met by the President and the other Senior Members.

The Diplomat edits the external alliance site (this is the site that non-members see when they want to look at the alliance). Manages the alliance webpage. Establishes, maintains and discontinues any alliance agreements (Peace Treaties, Military/Mutual Aid Treaties and Non-Aggression Pacts). Can see the alliance partners of all alliance members. Receives messages sent to the alliance. If an alliance who has a peace treaty with your alliance attacks a member the diplomat receives message of treaty break.

The General is responsible for the overall defense of the alliance. He is given operational control of the military forces in the alliance during time of war. If any member is ever attacked/raided; the General NEEDS to know about it. Either by direct contact from the member being attacked or through the chain of command.

The Secretary works to increase members in the alliance and manages the rank structure of the alliance. Oversees promotions and demotions. Has a limited ability to make treaties and limited diplomatic responsibilities. He has the authority to accept, decline and revoke membership in the alliance. The Secretary also helps to manage resources in the alliance and works to provide members with needed resources. If you are ever short on resources let the Secretary know and he will try to find some for you and get them shipped to you.

• Declaring War: If this alliance is ever to go to war with another player or alliance, it must be agreed upon/approved by THREE senior ranking members.

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ShoHa Rank Structure
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