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 How do New Members get off of Probationary Member status?

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PostSubject: How do New Members get off of Probationary Member status?   Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:23 pm

So, I was asked a while back, "What does it mean to be on probation? How long are new members on probation?" And "What do new members need to do to get off of probation?"

Member Probation is the time when every new member is brought into the alliance, until the time they are able to complete all the Probation Steps/Projects. We do this so the members have time to learn about the alliance and the alliance members and see if this alliance is a "good fit"for them and thier playing style. This will also give all current alliance members time to "meet, watch and learn" about the new player/member.

Each "Step" will be given as a project for the new member. Once "Step 1" is complete, then they will get the next "Step" as a project.

When all 8 Steps/Projects are completed; the member can come off of probation. So the time as a Probationary Member is completely up to the player.

Steps to get off Alliance Probation:

Step 1: Register on the alliance webpage.

Step 2: Establish a hideout in each town to the same level (or higher) as the Town Hall; and maintain these levels.

Step 3: Get all town walls to the same level (or higher) as your Town Hall, and maintain these levels.

Step 4: Get each warehouse in each of your towns built to a mimimum of level 20.

Step 5: Get General Score to equal 1% (or higher) of your Total Point Score; and maintain this GS.

Step 6: Station one Slinger soldier in each of your assigned Battle Group member's towns.

Step 7: You must demonstrate that you have been donating to the saw mills and mines on all of your islands.

Step 8: Select an Alliance Job.

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How do New Members get off of Probationary Member status?
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