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 ShoHa Membership Rules

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PostSubject: ShoHa Membership Rules   ShoHa Membership Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 22, 2009 2:24 am

Shove HaPenny used to be this peaceful alliance that had no intention of randomly attacking or pillaging any active players... Yeah... All that has changed now. You want to be a farmer?... Be that farmer! You want to be a fighter?... You go get that aggression out! We dont care.... IT'S JUST A GAME.

Membership Rules:

  • You can be inactive for seven consecutive days and then you can be kicked out of ShoHa any time after.

Vacation Mode:
  • Use it if you will be away from the computer for more than 24 hours.

Helping other Members:
  • Everyone is expected to help new members.
    If someone needs resources, give it up. Hoarders (players who don’t share) will be given the boot.

  • You can pillage whomever you like (Active or Inactive)
    We prefer that you make it a fair fight for any Active players (i.e 1 versus 1) with similar Total Scores.
    You are expected to defend yourself from any reprisals.

  • We don’t have many, but you are expected to maintain an army and navy (we recommend 1% of your Total Score).
    You are required to provide assistance and fight when requested or you will be removed from the alliance (i.e. If we fight, you fight).

Always remember to have fun playing and that Senior Member decisions are final (even if they sound stupid sometimes).

Statements often made by members of ShoHa

“Someone is pillaging me!”
  • Did you pillage them first? You probably deserve it… Lets all see if you can defend yourself first before we help…
    Is it a fair fight (see question below)? Otherwise… go take back your stuff.

“Multiple players are attacking me!”
  • Is it a fair fight (i.e. your TS is equal to or greater than all of the attackers combined)? If so, keep up the good work. Let us know if you need some resources.
    It’s not a fair fight!?! Not cool… All ShoHa players will pay them a visit.

“Do I need to get permission to pillage someone?”
  • No… No you don’t…

Rules for membership application:

1. There is no point requirement; you just need to have an embassy.

2. You MUST resolve any wars, skirmishes or raid disputes with another player or alliance prior to submitting an application for membership.

Just follow these simple steps to join our alliance:

 Click on the embassy in your city

 Click the search for alliance button at the bottom of your page

 Click in the box that is labeled token and type ShoHa, then click the search button

 At the bottom of the screen you will see our alliance, ShoHa

 Click on the symbol of two hands shaking

 Type in some information about yourself and send off the request

 That’s it.

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ShoHa Membership Rules
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